Big Brother 2016: What we know so far

 Big Brother 2016: What we know so far

With only 2 days to go until the launch of the latest series of Big Brother, we present a round up of everything we know about the series so far.

Yes it’s that time again – and with all the excitement from fans on Twitter, it’s easy to miss the details. Luckily we’ve summarised them all in one handy article for you… aren’t we nice!

When does it start?
Big Brother is set to return with a 2 hour launch show airing from 9pm on Tuesday 7th June on Channel 5 (UK) and TV3 (ROI).

What is the eye design this series?

The now iconic eye logo, has once again been given a makeover. The eye, pictured above, this year sports a split black and white ‘yin and yang’ type design. It is said to represent a “dark ominous force” within the house which has the power to affect housemates both positively and negatively. We now know this is in relation to a group of housemates called “The Others”. More on that shortly…

Is there a trailer?

Of course there is  – although you’d be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t one – given the lack of promotion by Channel 5. The trailer this year sticks with the ‘yin and yang’ theme seen in the eye logo. It features Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal in monochrome outfits, with a mirror showing them in the opposite colours. The trailer shows Rylan smashing a mirror to reveal the outline of the iconic Big Brother eye. The recently updated version, posted below, also includes a mysterious face flashing on the screen. The remainder of the trailer features shards of glass panning out to reveal information about the show. Upon it’s release, the trailer caused a stir on twitter with fans reporting that the line “Where’s the live feed?” could be heard. Alas – this was, it would seem, a mere coincidence – with Channel 5 boss Ben Frow, confirming to Big Blagger that there would be only 30 minutes of live streaming on eviction night. It turned out that the voice heard was actually saying “The Others are coming” in reverse, which brings us neatly onto our next question.

[vimeo 169291195 w=640 h=360]

Who are the others?

“The Others” are described as a “dark ominous force” within the house. Details on what exactly this means are slim at the time of writing, however, what we do know is that “The Others” are a group of people who will be competing to try and win a place in the main house. The main house apparently won’t have a clue that the others exist, however it has been revealed that they may have connections to those in the main house which could prove to be an advantage, or a curse!

I heard that they were merging Celebrity Big Brother with the civilian series…

Well they might be…kind of…maybe. There has been a rumour going around that the house would be made up of both celebrities and civilians. Bit on the Side Host, Rylan Clark-Neal, previously commented on these rumours stating:

“There’s still going to be a Big Brother in the summer and there’s still going to be a Celebrity Big Brother.
This is the first year I’m out of the loop because I have to be. Be prepared for the unexpected, and I can say that more for this than any other series.”

Speaking to Digital Spy he continued: “I mean, I’d love it [a mixed Celeb and Civilian house]. But when I say celebrities, I don’t think we’re talking A-listers. I don’t think we’re talking massive but I do like the concept of mixing it up. But for us, it’s a brand new show this year.”

So whilst you shouldn’t expect the likes of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to walk through those doors any time soon, there is a chance that some of the housemates will be fame hungry Z listers, who’ve had some sort of public exposure – so pretty much, the same type of housemates we’ve had over the last couple of years anyway!

What does the house look like?

Last week, Channel 5 released pictures of the new house, giving us a taste of what we can expect this summer! In a change from recent years, the pictures were few in numbers – and are only of the main house. We are yet to see anything from the new “second house” however Big Blagger has been informed exclusively by a source close to the show that the house is all one one level, and not split across 2 levels as had been previously reported. Housemates enter upstairs before descending into the new purpose built extension, much like the main house. We’ve also been told that the “second house” is very much more of a “house next door/bedsit” type setup, albeit a little bigger than we are usually used to. Channel 5 promised more pictures soon via a post on there official Big Brother Facebook page, however at the time of writing, these are yet to materialise. You can check out the shots we do have in the gallery below.

[unitegallery bb17housepics]

Anything else?

That pretty much sums up all the information we’ve been given so far, it seems producers are keen to keep us guessing right up until launch, hopefully however they intend to fill us in fully once the housemates are safely locked inside the house!

One thing you can be sure of is that Big Blagger will bring you all the latest, as and when we get it! 

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