A killer nomination rocks the house

 A killer nomination rocks the house

For this week’s shopping task, Big Brother has transformed the house into Wicked Big Brother’s kingdom, where housemates must follow strict rules and conquer all the quests they are faced with to prove they have a heart, brains and courage.

Firstly, Housemates have to order themselves from ‘good’ to ‘evil. Louis is positioned as the most evil Housemate. Asked by Big Brother, “What’s the most wicked thing you’ve ever done?” Louis says, “Inflict a lot of bad pop songs on the public.”

As the two most ‘evil’ Housemates, Louis and Zeze take reign over the twisted fairytale kingdom, spending the day ruling from the tower upstairs and leave only to address their subjects.

For the duration of the task the evil rulers will gorge on a gluttonous diet while the rest of the Housemates eat gruel and bread. All of the Housemates don their fairytale fancy dress and begin tidying the house.

Later, Louis and Zeze must choose who they believe to be the three most ‘brainless’ Housemates. Louis and Zeze choose Nikita, David and Bradley and they head to Wicked Big Brother’s tea party.

Big Brother will ask each of the Housemates a question and the answer will match an evil meal on the table. The Housemates must aim to answer their question correctly and finish the meal on their plate.

But how will Nikita, David and Bradley fare as they devour pate and korma mackerel cakes and scones consisting of wasabi, quark cream, beetroot and shrimp?

The next part of the task sees three Housemates attempt to fill a vial with their tears. Are the Housemates enchanting enough to pass today’s shopping task? Or will they fall short and be left with an economy budget? 


For the final part of the task, a test of courage, evil step-Big Brother gathers Housemates at the toadstools and says, “Subjects, between yourselves you must now decide which one of you must bravely face the next public vote by receiving a killer nomination.”

Big Brother adds, “Evil rulers Louis and Zeze, you do not put your name forward. This game is about courage.”

Whoever receives the killer nomination will automatically face the next eviction. But who will the Housemates decide to choose?

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV1, ITVX & STV.

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