About Big Blagger

Big Blagger in it’s current form, started out life as numerous different websites. 

UK Big Brother came on to the scene back in May 2002 covering the 3rd series of Big Brother UK. 

Just a year later, BB Vision launched in time to cover the show’s 4th series, one which would later be dubbed the most boring series of Big Brother ever!

In 2005, a chain of events that would lead us to where we are now was set in to motion. UKBB, as it was now known, teamed up with BB Vision and other independent fan based websites to create a network. The idea behind this was to pull resources and work together with the common goal of serving BBUK fans across the internet. 

In 2009, then owner of Big Blagger put the site up for sale and the brand was acquired by UKBB which also merged with BB Vision around the same time.  The three sites operated under the UKBB banner for some years until the shows conclusion on Channel 4.

Channel 5’s acquisition of the much loved reality format, inspired us to bring back an also much loved staple of the BB fan base and the Big Blagger you know and love today was reborn. 

And so here we are 20 years after it all began. Both myself and Chris have aged since those days, and I can’t deny looking back at some of the content from the early days makes me cringe. However, I am also very proud of what we’ve achieved. 

Who would have thought that something as simple as a tv show could ever possibly provide the basis of a 20+ year friendship. Our shared love for Big Brother has afforded us both opportunities we could never have dreamed of as youngsters. 

And so here we stand, at the beginning of yet another era of the UKs greatest reality show. Our love for the show hasn’t wavered and a lot of love and hard work, particularly by Chris, has gone into redesigning this site to be place where fans old and new can relive the glory days and keep up to date with all the latest developments as we navigate a new era of Big Brother.

I for one can’t wait to find out what Big Brother has in store…

Big Blagger Co-Admin