Paul and Dylan have been evicted

 Paul and Dylan have been evicted

Big Brother held the first double eviction of the series this evening, with two housemates sent out the front door.

Noky, Trish, Dylan and Paul faced this evenings eviction after receiving the most nominations this week.

The first housemate to be evicted from the house was Paul, who was faced with fierce ‘get Paul out’ chants from the crowd.

Immediately after Paul’s eviction, it was time for the second housemate of the night to leave the house. Will announced to the house that it was Dylan who had become the 6th housemate to be evicted.

Speaking to hosts AJ & Will outside the house, Dylan said that he knew 100% that he would be evicted tonight – saying it was ‘all good.’.

Tonight’s eviction came hot on the heals of an argument in the house last night, which saw Trish label Paul a bully after his behaviour during the party Yinrun had won during a secret mission.

Tensions began when Paul started throwing balls of clingfilm off the balcony “Your little d**khead party, I’m sick of it,” Paul says to group. “Play your own f**king game, you prick,” Jenkin says before storming off. “Paul, grow the f**k up you f**king child.”

As Noky watches the drama unfold, Paul turns to her and asks: “What are you staring at?” to which she replies, “You, of course. You’re strange, you just stare at me and don’t say a word,” he remarks. “Weird.”

When Trish returns to the party, Noky informs her of her interaction with Paul, much to Trish’s disdain.

“You are a bully,” she calls to Paul from downstairs. “Why am I a bully?” he asks her.

“You know why you’re a bully, don’t act stupid,” she retorts. “Calm your voice down Trish,” Paul tells her.

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