Dylan, Noky, Paul and Trish face public vote in double eviction

Big Brother has revealed that Dylan, Noky, Paul and Trish will be the next housemates to face the public vote ahead of Friday night’s live eviction, airing on ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX.

Revealed in tonight’s extended episode of Big Brotherthe housemates learned that Dylan, Noky, Paul and Trish received the most nominations from their fellow housemates this week. 

Dylan received seven nominations from Henry, Noky, Chanelle, Matty, Jenkin, Yinrun and Trish. Noky received six nominations from Olivia, Jenkin, Dylan, Paul, Jordan and Tom. Trish received five nominations from Olivia, Chanelle, Dylan, Paul and Tom. Paul received four nominations from Noky, Henry, Yinrun and Trish.

Voting for this week’s eviction is open now exclusively via the Big Brother app, with viewers being asked to vote for the housemate they wish to evict from the house.

Friday night will see two housemates be evicted from the Big Brother house. Viewers can then watch AJ Odudu and Will Best grill the evictees in their first live interview on Big Brother: Late & Live.

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