Five housemates up for eviction following second round of nominations

 Five housemates up for eviction following second round of nominations


Five housemates currently face eviction from the Big Brother house following the second round of nominations. But that could all change with the Gamechanger Competition in play.

Monday’s episode of Big Brother saw the housemates nominate for the second time and after a week filled with drama, speculation, and jealousy – the housemates did not hold back.

Here’s how the housemates nominated:

  • Akeem nominated Issac for having a problem with him and Cameron for being moody and negative.
  • Brooke nominated Kay for not making an effort for being friends with the group and Tomaz for ‘being in it for himself’ when it comes to tasks.
  • Cameron nominated Kay for not being genuine and Akeem for coming across as arrogant.
  • Cian nominated Issac for his reaction to the Big Coin task and Kay because she is not happy in the house.
  • Issac nominated Kay for bringing negativity to the house and Akeem, calling him a fake.
  • Kay nominated Cameron for being blunt and harsh with the way he talks to others and Issac for having a bad temper.
  • Kenaley nominated Kay because she can’t read if she’s genuine or not and Cameron for constantly speculating and being negative.
  • Lewis nominated Issac for being rude and aggressive to the housemates and Tomaz for being a gameplay and showed a ‘different side’ to him.
  • Sian nominated Kay for playing up to the cameras and Lewis for picking apart conversations.
  • Tomaz nominated Akeem for playing a sneaky and cunning game and Lewis after he felt judged by him in the Big Coin task.
  • Zoe nominated Sian for leading Issac on and Akeem, thinking he’s playing up to the cameras.

Kay had six nominations, while Akeem and Issac had four each. What the housemates don’t know is, the viewers voted for Brooke and Kenaley to face the public vote.

This could all change with the GameChanger task this week.

Big Brother airs Sunday through Friday on Channel 5.

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