Joe chooses Raph as his killer nomination

 Joe chooses Raph as his killer nomination

In tonight’s show: Joe chooses Raph as his killer nomination as ‘he’s too intelligent and hasn’t really mucked in like everyone else’. As a result, Raph will definitely face eviction on Friday.

Rebecca and Ellie cover the outside of the shower with towels, whilst Kayleigh takes a naked shower and shaves

Arthur has gone to the diary room. After a confidential off-camera conversation, he will not be returning to the house

Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas to announce that Arthur has left the Big Brother house and will not be returning, this cause shocked reactions

Rebecca confirms to Joe that she and Kieran ‘just friends’

Kieran tells Rebecca; “Obviously we’re flirting and stuff, to me there’s nothing there…” He teases her; “Are you falling in love with me?!” She jokes ‘f**k off’

In the garden, Ellie rubs sun cream onto Lotan’s back, she smiles; “It’s like Christmas day!”

In the diary room, Raph is talking to Big Brother about his view of the house; “In my opinion, the popular crew is Kayleigh, Ellie, Rebecca, Lotan, Kieran, Tom and their leader is Joe. And then in the exile crew, there is no leader cos we’re a democracy, it’s me, Imran, Sukhvinder, Deborah…in the middle Hannah and Charlotte.”

In the bedroom, Kayleigh tells Ellie that ‘if she were single, there wouldn’t be anyone in the house that she would fancy’. Ellie thinks ‘Rebecca fancies Kieran a lot more than what she’s letting on’

Housemates are gathered on the sofas for the task

They are all asked questions about their fellow housemates and led to believe if they correctly answer their questions, then they will win gifts. The housemates, who answer correctly, are actually given punishments that they have to gift to chosen housemates. If they answer incorrectly, then they will personally receive those punishments

Joe’s punishment given to him by Lotan is the power of killer nomination. Joe chooses Raph as his killer nomination as ‘he’s too intelligent and hasn’t really mucked in like everyone else’. Raph will definitely face eviction on Friday

On the sofas, Chanelle and Sukhvinder are bantering. As a joke, Chanelle attempts to put a bag from a loaf of bread on her head. Sukhvinder gets annoyed.

Sukhvinder tells Chanelle, “I didn’t appreciate you putting a bag on my head and don’t come into my personal space!” Chanelle confirms ‘it was a joke’.

In the bedroom, Chanelle is upset and runs off crying, Sukhvinder tries to apologise to her; “I’m speaking to children!” Charlotte tells Sukhvinder ‘that she should have sat Chanelle down and spoken to her’.

Sukhvinder is talking to Big Brother about what happened with Chanelle; “It’s the second time I’ve addressed an issue with another female…girl on girl crime is on the up, still.”

Imran tells Chanelle ‘that she is a good person’.

In bed, Sukhvinder is upset with Imran; “See how you turned on me…I can’t deal with you. You either take my hand or you split…Mr Nice Guy to everyone.”

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