TONIGHT: Gemma Collins, Marnie Simpson & Nicola McClean enter the house

 TONIGHT: Gemma Collins, Marnie Simpson & Nicola McClean enter the house

Gemma Collins, Marnie Simpson and Nicola McClean enter the Big Brother house this evening as part of this weeks shopping task.

The Village has fallen into disarray for this week’s shopping task.

Sukhvinder and Kayleigh have been elected as Mayor and deputy Mayor of BB village after they were deemed the bossiest housemates by viewers. They assign jobs to the village residents, leaving some jobless. Jobless housemates will only have cold tinned food. The mayor can sack the workers at any time and any housemates who are jobless at the end of the task will miss out on the luxury shopping budget.

Celebrities Marnie Simpson, Gemma Collins and Nicola McLean enter the house as VIP guests. They will be staying in Rose Cottage and demanding great service from the housemates and testing them.

Marnie, Gemma and Nicola.

Rebecca is upset in the Diary Room about her friendship with Kieran, as she feels their relationship is changing in the house and he is keeping her at a distance. Rebecca later breaks down on the steps of the living area, leading to her telling Kieran that he is her “safety blanket”.

An argument kicks off in the house when Chanelle and Ellie sit down to eat their dinner before the rest of the housemates and Imran calls them “selfish”. Hannah and Lotan come to blows over the dinner fall out. Deborah stands up for her sister, which leads to them both arguing with Rebecca and Gemma jumps out of bed: “I’ve gotta go and watch this”

Hannah and Sukhvinder.

Marnie, Gemma and Nicola gossip in the diary room, and Gemma reveals that “Marnie fancies Kieran”. Marnie admits that “he’s easy on the eye” and she would snog him but she feels Rebecca is really hung up on him and say’s “I couldn’t do that” to her.

Marnie confirms she doesn’t like Kayleigh and say’s “Kayleigh hasn’t made any effort” with the celebrities since they entered. Kayleigh says of Marnie “her best mate is someone I’m not allowed to go anywhere near” referring to Charlotte Crosby.

In the diary room Kayleigh later reveals “I hate Charlotte Crosby and you put her f***ing best friend in and when I look at Marnie I just think of f***ing Charlotte and it’s angering me every f***ing second. My f***ing boyfriend has Charlotte Crosby’s f***ing tattoo on his f***ing leg, I’m sick of it.”


The celebrities go in the hot tub with some of the Housemates, while Kayleigh keeps her distance on the steps in the living room. Gemma Collins tries to persuade Kayleigh to join them, but she refuses. Marnie talks about Kayleigh and say’s “I just don’t like her as a person, I think she’s very busy, she’s got a lot of things to say about people” and “she’s said some horrible things about me”.

Sukhvinder complains in the diary room that no one in the house respects her as the Mayor and they aren’t taking their jobs seriously. She threatens to sack the villagers if they don’t try to better themselves.

At bed time, Lotan and Tom go out of bounds in Rose Cottage with the celebrities, but Sukhvinder is not happy that they are breaking the rules and she leaves Rose Cottage to join Imran in bed at Thorn Cottage.

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