Have we seen these New Housemates Traits in BB Before?

 Have we seen these New Housemates Traits in BB Before?

As we’ve gathered over the last few days in the House, the newbies, Sam, Harry Amelia, Marc and Simon seem to have made impact for good and definitely for bad.

but… we can’t help but notice little traits that we’ve seen in the Big Brother House before. Are they Ex housemates in disguise?!? Lets investigate!

Harry Amelia

Harry Amelia is obviously not shy to show off her body and her has very interesting.. vocabulary to say the least. This reminded us of a certain housemate last year who like Harry was very confident.

Big Brother 15’s Bianca was extremely confident and provided us with many classic and memorable moments from her short stay in the house to one of the best Eviction Exits of all time. Will Harry Amelia warm more to public though than Bianca though? We’ll have to find out.


He claims to be stirrer of the show, the “tough” guy and became increasingly unpopular every single minute on his first night in the house. He tried to get along with every with his “Irish banter” but it soon escalated into a row with Chloe and Danny.

Big Brother 5’s Jason came in to be.. yes.. the tough guy, the no messing around bloke but he was caught with his constant back stabbing and bitching with fellow “Jungle Cat” Victor. On Day 20 as Emma and Michelle returned from the secret bedsit, he exploded into various rows with Marco, Nadia and Emma and well.. the rest is history. I wonder if Marc has the same sort of temper?


Happy, cheery and friend to all. Sam seems like your perfect housemate? She wants to get to know everyone and tell people about her life too. Always like to have fun and play games with the other housemates. Kindness is the key in Sam’s eyes!

Smiles, happiness and jokes seems to be perfect to describe Big Brother 7’s Sam! She always loved to compliment others on how “AMAZING” they all were. Unfortunately Kindness was certainly taken for weakness as the most bitchiest House EVER in BB History claimed their next victim.. SAM! So our current Sam should be careful because kindness isn’t always the best in Big Brother.


Simon is Loud, Camp and very SHOWBIZ! (Sorry..) He loves the centre of attention and has certainly made it clear that he’s not afraid to tell us and the housemates his opinion. Although he can dish it out, he certainly can’t take the criticism and had a mini breakdown in the diary room.

Shabaz is a legendary housemate from Big Brother 7 that loved to talk.. a lot.. and very was extremely over the top!

By the end of day 1 (we’re talking hours..) most of the housemates we’re becoming irritated and by day 2 he in declared war on the housemates with constant rude comments and wind up tactics.

He hid the food, targeted vulnerable housemates and started acting erratic. BUT After a surprise shutdown by quiet Bonnie he began to stop and breakdown in the diary room. He soon left the Big Brother House on Day 6. Will Simon be as crazy as Shabaz? Anything can happen on Big Brother.

If your a BB Super fan, when you watch the newbies you’ll notice a certain aura of ex housemates that flourishes through them, and maybe all the housemates. Keep an eye out!

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