Task: The Tree of Sin

 Task: The Tree of Sin

Housemates have been set their first “task” of the series.

Housemates were divided into two teams and asked to pick statements of the Tree of Sin, before deciding which of their fellow housemates the statement related to.

First up, Lateysha chose Laura as a backstabber who once slept with a friends partner in their bed. This comes after Laura previously nominated Lateysha for eviction.

Alex chose Jackson as the housemate who had sex with 2 sisters and their mum!

Meanwhile, in the other house – the others watch on as the housemates participate in the task. It was earlier revealed that Charlie’s ex, Jason is currently a housemate in the main house. Charlie isn’t too impressed when the “Fickle” tag is read out to describe a housemate who spent 9 months chasing a girl, then 5 years trying to get rid of her – which she believes to relate to her.

Tune into Big Brother tomorrow at 9pm to see the task unfold!

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