Ejected Housemates

Ejection is one of three ways a housemate can leave the Big Brother house. When a housemate is ejected, they are removed from the house solely by Big Brother, usually for severe or continual breaking of the Big Brother rules or for behaviour which is deemed unacceptable by Big Brother.

You can read the Big Brother rules in their entirety here.

Ejected Housemates

Below is a list of housemates who have been ejected from the Big Brother house:

Big Brother

Housemate Series Day Reason
Nick Bateman Big Brother 1 Day 35 Infuencing Nominations
Kitten Pinder Big Brother 5 Day 8 Unnacceptable Behaviour
Emma Greenwood Big Brother 5 Day 23 Unnacceptable Behaviour
Dawn Blake Big Brother 7 Day 8 Communication with the outside world
Emily Parr Big Brother 8 Day 9 Unnacceptable Language
Alexandra De-Gale Big Brother 9 Day 14 Unnacceptable Behaviour
Dennis McHugh Big Brother 9 Day 23 Unnacceptable Behaviour
Daley Ojuederie Big Brother 14 Day 33 Unnacceptable Behaviour
Aaron Frew Big Brother 16 Day 18 Unnacceptable Behaviour
Andrew Tate Big Brother 17 Day 7 Behaviour outside of the house
Emma Jensen Big Brother 17 Day 34 Unnacceptable Behaviour

Celebrity Big Brother

Housemate Series Day Reason
Jeremy Jackson Celebrity Big Brother 15 Day 4 Unnacceptable Behaviour
Ken Morley Celebrity Big Brother 15 Day 6 Unnacceptable Behaviour
Tila Tequila Celebrity Big Brother 16 Day 2 Behaviour outside of the house
Christopher Biggins Celebrity Big Brother 18 Day 9 Unnacceptable Language


Housemate Series Day Reason
Coolio Ultimate Big Brother Day 5 Unnacceptable Behaviour

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