Big Brother has removed Emma Jensen from the Big Brother house after she tried to break out on more than one occasion.

A spokesperson for Channel 5 today announced that Emma has “forfeited” her place in the house after being unable to live by the rules.

 “Emma has been removed from the Big Brother House for attempting to break out on more than one occasion.  Emma was unable to live within the confines of the Big Brother House and abide by the rules and therefore forfeited her place as a Housemate.”

Emma last tried to make a run for it earlier in the series, when she and her twin sister Victoria broke into the camera runs earlier this series, eventually leading to Victoria deciding she wanted to leave the show after it had been on air for less than a week.

Emma’s removal will be shown on tonights Big Brother at 9pm on Channel 5, and she will make her first appearance since leaving the house on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side at 10.45pm.