Tom finishes 4th

 Tom finishes 4th

Tom Barber has finished 4th in the latest series of Big Brother.

Earlier, Emma spoke to the house  to break the news. After a quick goodbye to his fellow finalists, Tom left the house, greeted by Emma and cheers from the crowd.

Speaking about making it to the final Tom said: “Got to lap it up! I did think it was going to be boos. Life is a roller coaster and you’ve just got to ride it!”

Speaking about when he first walked into the house he said: “Wow! I can’t believe I’m in here. I just wanted to go in and have a laugh!”

Tom added: “I love Kieran to bits, he helped me a lot. I have a better beard!”

Tom said he was very ‘protective’ of Ellie: “I wanted to look out for her. Sam is an absolute diamond and they have potential.” He states he had a ‘love / hate relationship’ with Sue

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