Second Chance housemates enter the house

Second Chance housemates Andrew, Simone, Sam and the now infamous ‘Hurricane Sue’ have entered the house and with them, a brand new twist guaranteed to “rock the house to it’s very core!”

Firstly, none of the 4 are currently housemates, none of them are eligible to win, however whoever lasts longest will win £15,000 which is deducted from the original £100,000 prize.

So whilst they can’t win, they will be the only people guaranteed to be nominating this week, the original housemates will have to compete for the privilege.

The ‘nominators’ will be able to visit a special area ‘The Void’ to discuss and plan nominations.

It is the first time that the UK version of the show has forayed into the strategic gameplay elements found in international editions such as Big Brother Canada and Big Brother 19, which recently kicked off it’s 19th season with a twist of its’ own.

How will it pan out – stick with Big Blagger for all the latest news, first!

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