Nominations Revealed: Nancy, Winston and Kristina to face the public vote!

Following the earlier nom bomb, the 3 people facing the public vote this week have been revealed.

After passing the task to free the housemates from the box, Scotty T, Stephanie and Jeremy were each given a killer nomination, meaning whoever they chose would automatically face the public vote.

Jeremy chose to nominate Nancy stating:

“I find she can be a bit controlling when we’re having a laugh. A bit intimidating.”

Scotty T went on to nominate Winston:

“Every time I cook he can’t wait for everyone else to have his food, he’s always ‘gimme it, gimme it’!”

And Stephanie chose to nominate Kristina saying:

“Because me and Jezza are next to each other and laughing all night, and we kept her up. She was angry at both of us as we kept her up.”

Speaking to Big Brother, Nancy revealed she didn’t expect to be nominated so early:

“Scotty T would never nominate me. I do understand, it was the less hard choice for him to make and he gave good reason as he is intimidated by me. He’s not the only one to be intimidated, the entire world are. I don’t know why people are intimidated by me, it’s a fact.”

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