Jedward join Celebrity Big Brother 2017

 Jedward join Celebrity Big Brother 2017
The All Star duo, introduced by Emma Willis with cheers from the crowd, entered the Celebrity Big Brother house through the garden as ‘the evening’s entertainment’ and joined as housemate number 15. Please see bio attached.
Plus also live tonight, The Producer task came to an end and the housemates found out the real consequences of being ‘edited out’. Stacy, James C, Brandon, Ray J and Bianca – the ‘edited out’ housemates – lost their power to nominate.

As Angie and Jamie were the last remaining New Stars not to be ‘edited out’, they had the power of a killer nomination tonight.
After each ‘edited out’ housemate made their plea, Jamie chose to save Bianca and Ray J, and Angie chose to save Stacy and Brandon.
As the last New Star standing, James C will face the first public vote.

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