Deborah finishes 3rd

Deborah Agboola has finished Big Brother 18 in 3rd place.

Deborah left the house to cheers from the crowd.

On finishing in third place, Deborah told Emma: “It feels good. When I had accomplished what I had done in that house, I was already a winner.”

Speaking about making it to the final, Deborah said: “I didn’t even take this dress out of the black bag. I thought I was too boring.”

When Emma asked how it felt to be crowned the most deserving housemate, a tearful Deborah replied: “I was lost for words. Someone’s read my story, someone’s listened to me and understood where I’ve come from. It was nice to know that everyone thought I have earned my place here, I didn’t just coast through.”

When asked about keeping her cool in the house, Deborah said: “I came here with a different reason. I came here to be a better mum, a better daughter and a better sister.”

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