Channel 5 reveal new Diary Room chair and launch night twist

Channel 5 have today confirmed that one housemate will be voted into the Big Brother house by the public as “The People’s Housemate”, and also took the opportunity to reveal the new Diary Room chair.

Last week, The Sun reported that the public would get to vote in the housemates on launch night. Following on from this, Channel 5 have today confirmed that the public will actually only be able to vote in ONE housemate.

“For the first time ever Big Brother is handing over power to the public. There will be one final housemate position up for grabs which will be decided by the public in tonight’s live launch” the broadcaster teased.

They continued: “The lucky housemate voted in by the public, will become the People’s Housemate and will hold great power within the house, even having access to the outside world”

The exact details of what this housemates role in the house will be is yet to be revealed.

Channel 5 also took the opportunity to reveal its new countryside themed Diary Room chair, which the channel claims is “befitting a picture perfect British village”

Big Brother returns tonight at 8.30pm on Channel 5.

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