Chanelle and Ellie evicted from the house!

 Chanelle and Ellie evicted from the house!

Chanelle and Elle have become the 9th and 10th people to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

Speaking to Emma, when asked if she was surprised she was nominated, Chanelle replied: “I knew that it would be literally everyone, apart from my four people”. Emma went on to ask if she still thought the remaining housemates were two faced. Speaking of the nomination from Ellie: “The Ellie thing shocked me. I gave her so much advice. We’ve cried to each other. We’ve had such heart to hearts. I did think we were friends”

Emma asked Chanelle how she thought Raph was going to cope without her after his reaction on the night her boyfriend Jake stayed; “I’ve left some of my hairs so he can put them on his pillow!”

Next up. Ellie joined Emma and said of her time in the house “It was like living in a zoo”.

Emma asked Ellie about her housemate’s accusations that she didn’t clean in the house and Ellie defended herself by saying: “I were on holiday. You don’t go to Benidorm for two weeks and clean”.

Talking about Sam, Ellie said: “I’d like to get to know him out of the house. It would be nice to go to a normal pub and have a normal drink.”

They ain’t done yet, with at least 1 more housemate to leave before we reach next week’s final! Stick with Big Blagger for the latest!

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