Bianca Gascoigne finishes Celebrity Big Brother 2017 in sixth place

Bianca Gascoigne has come sixth during the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 final.

In her post eviction interview with Emma, Bianca confirmed:

‘So surreal, I was scared coming back out! I’m just pleased to be in the final.’

‘It was definitely a handful! I knew it was going to be tough. The tasks were quite nasty. I think I’ve coped well and felt I was the most chilled. I’ll miss it.’

On Jamie: ‘It’s not been the same without him. It was difficult. It wasn’t a showmance. I’d like to see how it goes. Hopefully we’ll go on our first date.’

On her situation on the outside: ‘Things weren’t right before. There was someone but now there isn’t. I never expected to feel the way about Jamie. It was the weirdest situation I’ve been in.’

She adds: ‘I’ve always wanted to do Big Brother!’

On Nicola: ‘She was my rock in there! I really got along with her.’

Bianca concludes: ‘I have enjoyed it. James C to win, he’s so lovely. Kim has been awful.’

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