Ann Widdecombe runner up in Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Ann Widdecombe has finished second in the Celebrity Big Brother final.

Speaking to Emma, Ann said:

“That’s OK (second place). I knew Courtney had a huge amount of support. I’m thoroughly bemused, apparently I’m the runner up in Celebrity Big Brother!”

Speaking about her time in the house:

 “It was fine. I definitely enjoyed it more than I thought I would.”

Asked about what it was like to live with 15 other people:

“It was terrible, absolutely terrible, noise all the time. I’m always quite happy living on my own. I’m dying to going back to living on my own! It was much better when the men came in.”

She added:

Malika inspired me to try out new styles (hair).

Speaking about Shane J:

“We disagreed a very great deal. What I was pleased about to come second, it was an endorsement of free speech because whether people agreed with me or not was not the point. I exercised my freedom to say what is unfashionable.

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