Andrew leaves the house

 Andrew leaves the house

Andrew has left the house as the last second chance housemate and in doing so, has bagged himself £15,000 alongside the money he stole from the prize fund when evicting Sam.

Emma spoke to Andrew on how he feels to leave the Big Brother house: “It feels bizarre to leave.”

Andrew continued; “It feels very unreal. I’m not a lucky person! We were the last two, second chance housemates left, so I felt I had to evict Sam. I can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to stay in as long as I have. I’ll give some money to my family and look into some charity work. I do feel a bit guilty (surrounding Sam). It’s life changing money!”

When asked about the crowd’s reaction: “I deserved it! It’s only one night.”

Emma asked him ‘why Big Brother?’: “My initial reason was for the experience as I love the show.”

Emma went on to ask; ‘were you expecting to be involved in so much drama?’: “Absolutely not!”

Finally, Emma asked Andrew ‘did you enjoy it?’: “I absolutely loved it! An amazing experience. I would love Deborah to win, she is the most inspirational person.”



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