Where would we be without a launch night twist…

 Where would we be without a launch night twist…

So Big Brother is back – surely you didn’t expect the night to pass without a *cough* unexpected *cough* twist or twot

Well, predictable or not Big Brother was once again up to know good. Moments after entering the house, The Enchanted Mirror revealed to Katie that she would be leaving the main house to watch the remaining housemates enter. She was tasksd with picking the 2 least entertaining housemates, who – of course – will face eviction this week. She chose Chloe ans Alexander – although they are currently blissfully unaware that Katie is responsible for their current predicament – wonder how long that’ll last?

However, Big Brother had another trick up his sleeve – or not, we all saw it coming. Katie has been cursed with kindness and must be pleasant to all housemates until further notice with dire consequences threatened should she fail to obey.

As things stand that means Chloe and Alexander faced eviction – however as we all know, we is never enough when it comes to Channel 5 and with the promise of another live twist on Friday, we’re sure it won’t be long before some of their fellow housemates join them on the chopping block.

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