TONIGHT: Biggins nominates his second victim

 TONIGHT: Biggins nominates his second victim

On tonight’s show: The Secret Boss task continues, Biggins has to label some of his housemates and choose his next nomination victim. 

In the bedroom, some of the housemates are unpacking. Renee reveals details of surgery she has had to some of her housemates.

In the bathroom, Heavy D is acting out his salesman techniques to James and Chloe.

In the diary room, Bear is talking to Big Brother; “I’m good at small talk, it’s the nicey nicey. Fatboy I think is a snide, too nice for me. Biggins makes me laugh! Chloe, ol’ big tits, seems like a nice girl. I don’t think James likes me. I think Grant’s alright…not my friend yet.”

bear in diary room

In the living area, Frankie and Chloe are working out.

chloe and frankie

In the smoking area, Saira is talking to James about being proud of her parents’ values; “Family is really important.” James says; “I respect people’s right to believe whatever they want.”

In the kitchen, Samantha is explaining her Page 3 career to Frankie.


In the garden, Saira believes that Marnie could be a TV presenter; “You are a smart savvy young person!” Marnie reveals she has a reserved side and a wild side.

In the diary room, as part of the Secret Boss task Biggins has to label some of his  housemates.

biggins in the diary room

He labels Lewis and Bear as least talented; “Both of them are lovely guys, I have no idea what they do!”

He labels Frankie the most egotistical; “He’s outrageous, he’s fabulous, he is Frankie!”

He labels Marnie and Heavy D as the most trashiest.

He labels Samantha as the most iconic; “What she’s done is incredible and is just fantastic!”

The housemates that he has chosen to label will now either be punished or rewarded.

Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas, and reveals the labels that the Secret Boss assigned to the housemates.

The least talented housemates – Lewis and Bear – must wear a pantomime donkey costume and prance around the garden every time they hear a donkey sound effect.


The most egotistical housemate – Frankie – must prepare a presentation entitled 10 Things I Love About Me and You Should Too. Frankie gushes; “I totally agree! I would have picked me!”

In the diary room, Lewis and Bear are talking about their labels. Lewis thinks; “I think he’s judged too quick! Seen us as the young two lads, they’ll handle it. James is the least talented.”

bear and lewis in diary room

At the dining table, Renee is talking to some of her housemates about when her son told her he was ‘disappointed’ with her when she had a drug addiction. She confirms that her son does love her

Samantha who was labelled most iconic housemate, is asked to open the pod named ‘The Samantha Fox Suite’ which is kitted out with refreshments and sweets

For being labelled the most trashiest housemates, Marnie and Heavy D are tasked with sorting trash

Frankie performs his ‘egotistical’ presentation; “My talents stretch from coast to coast!” Housemates applaud him


In the bedroom, Marnie reveals to some of the females housemates; “Lewis is really handsome. I can get into a proper good conversation with Bear, he’s really funny!”

In the pod, James and Samantha are talking, she says; “I just believe that love is far greater than anything, and you can’t help who you fall in love with.” James agrees

In the bedroom, Katie is talking about her X Factor experience

In the diary room, Biggins is tasked with nominating his next housemate by spilling a whole drink over the housemate of his choice. His housemates are watching on from the sofas

Biggins pours himself a glass of water, and then pours it over Lewis; “I’m so sorry!” Housemates laugh. This means Lewis – along with Biggins and Saira – are now immune from Friday’s eviction

Renee tells Marnie; “Lewis knew it! He acts like a d*ck. He’s over confident, ‘I’m sexy, I’m me!’”

In the kitchen, Marnie and Grant are talking. He reveals that he lost his virginity at 17, and was seduced. Marnie asks if he likes to spoon, she has to explain what it means; he says he does like spooning

In the diary room, Marnie believes; “I think Grant fancies us! I think we’re flirting, he’s sexy, we have a strong bond!”

Some of the housemates are talking about cosmetic surgery, Renee reveals she has had a vaginal tightening procedure

In the hot tub, Bear, Marnie and Chloe are talking about Saira. Chloe comments; “I think she’s trying to provoke something to get a response to make TV interesting. She chats sh*t!”.

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