Tiffany Pollard finishes Celebrity Big Brother 2016 in fourth place

US Reality TV star Tiffany Pollard has taken fourth place in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

The star missed out to the top spot by following Danniella and John out the door.

After leaving the house to cheers she told host Emma Willis: “it feels like a win.” When asked about feeling left out at the beginning of the show, Tiffany said “it was like I was a fish out of water. I really didn’t think I was gonna be able to survive the atmosphere. Everyone seemed like they kind of knew each other a little bit and I was just off to the side constantly.”

When asked if she was herself in the house, she said “that was me 100% of the time. This house makes you crazy. You try waking up in the morning with 15 strangers around you, you’re gonna kick off too.”Emma then commented that she seemed to calm down a bit towards the end and Tiffany told her “I knew I had to switch it up to survive. I was afraid I was going to go home.”

Emma joked about Tiffany being the most uninhibited housemate ever and Tiffany said, “I know Scotty T was afraid of me because he knows once he went black he’d never go back.”

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