Stephanie Davis wins immunity from the next eviction

Stephanie Davis has become the latest Celebrity to win immunity from the next public vote- joining Gemma Collins in the immunity club.

The housemates have been battling it out in a series of Forgotten Theatre tasks since Friday night, where the winner of each task wins immunity from the public vote.

Saturday saw the housemates gather for yet another go around and the aim of the game was to buzz in first and provide an honest answer. If the answer was right, the housemate could then nominate another housemate to lose a life.

Stephanie made it down to the final two housemates alongside Jeremy McConnell and had to provide an honest answer to the question, “Which housemate is most likely to meddle in other people’s business?”

“Er, um… Gemma Collins.”

Big Brother accepted the answer, meaning Jeremy lost his last life and Stephanie won the task.

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