RK: Pre Season Blog

 RK: Pre Season Blog

Hello once again readers! Happy new year! Can we believe January has come around so quickly? Where did the time go? It feels like a few weeks since you crowned Gary Busey your winner of the summer CBB series. Now, we are mere hours away from starting all over again with a new shiny crop of celebrities who knowing BB are in for the wildest few weeks of their lives. As we inch closer to the beginning of a new adventure there’s no better time than the present to go through all pre-series chatter.

I’ll start with what we actually do know. This series will have a “twisted fairytale” theme. Personally, I’m really excited to see what this theme will allow the producers to put our celebs through. I really enjoy when we get imaginative theming with a series, like with Secrets & Lies. (Shall we all just agree to forget Power Trip? Yes? Great!) Speaking of things I really like so far, I’m in love with the new logo & the promo. It is such a great look, I love whimsical things so it’s right up my street. I’m going to go out on a limb here & say it’s in the top five logo wise for me.

On the other hand, one thing I’m not super thrilled with is the house. I do like parts of it, for example the bathroom & kitchen but I’m less sold on the rest of the living space & the bedroom. I just feel it looks a bit lacklustre when put up against the house this time last year. But I’m hoping i’ll change my mind once I see it on-screen. However, I must admit I’m incredibly confused by all the talk of the red mirror in the living space having a role to play. God help the celebrities if C5 go all Black Mirror on them! Ha!

It also appears we have some intriguing changes to BBBOTS also this year, with Iain Lee & the weekend psychology based edition is out with the show airing only week days this series. Surely, this is going to leave a bit of a hole in the schedule to fill, but to be honest, I’ll be quite sad to see it go. I never really liked Iain but the more in depth feel of the weekend is one thing I’ll really miss. Now having to have all of that stuff be squished into a weekday show now as another throw away segment & I feel it’s a shame & a loss for the show.

The final thing on the pre BB checklist is of course those ever present housemate rumours. I must admit that until just recently I’ve stayed away from the rumours as I do enjoy a surprise on launch night, but I’ll be thrilled if we do get some of the big names that are being mentioned & who knows now that Viacom is running Channel 5 maybe the show will be able to rope in the big stars? I do have a feeling that maybe, just maybe it’s possible. Well, we can hope anyway right? I mean, I for one would love to see another Jackson enter those famous doors, they’ve provided some great entertainment in the past so it’d be great to see that magic once more. I guess time will tell!

Well that’s it for this edition of Beyond The Diary Room, Be sure to leave a comment below sharing your thoughts on all the rumoured HM’s, the house or anything else BB related! Or if you prefer to keep your thoughts to 140 characters tweet them at us by using the hashtag #BlagBTDR.

Happy CBB season folks & I hope you’re all having a cracking new year!

Talk Care,

RK xx

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