RK: Even celebrities only have one chance to make a first impression!

 RK: Even celebrities only have one chance to make a first impression!

Hello Readers!

So, our celebrities have started their journey in the magically twisted CBB House. But you know what they say, there’s only one chance to make a first impression! I am back today to give you a run down on just that – my first impressions of our new friends.

Let’s start with easily the most controversial of this years’ crew – Katie Hopkins. Where does one even begin when talking about Katie? Well, I’ll start with that task she was given. I really liked the idea of it but sadly, I have to be honest, it fell mostly flat I feel. I think it wasn’t executed as best as it perhaps could have been, with the crosses to inside the mirror feeling very flat indeed. But that said, she did have valid points on several of her fellow housemates, so perhaps it paid off in that respect. But the bottom line with Katie so far is I think CBB could actually change her image, if she does show more than just what we’ve already seen her to be while she’s inside the house. But I guess time will tell on that front. I also must applaud BB for forcing her to be nice to her HM’s for the time being & giving us a chance to see another side to her from the get go.

Cami Li is next on the housemate hit list. Came seems like one tough woman from what we’ve seen so far. I certainly wouldn’t want to cross her. Dishing on Ex Kirk’s manhood night one was quite the surprise, obviously she doesn’t hold back. I’m interested to see her in the coming days without the booziness of launch effecting her. I think she’ll be one to watch.

Up next is Jeremy Jackson. So, I guess in a way we got our Jackson for this series huh? Although I don’t know how I feel about this guy just yet, on the surface he’s a very good looking guy but it seems from what I understand the other housemates have been saying this guy has quite the past, so it’ll be interesting to see what we learn about this man during his stay in the house. I just hope the house doesn’t break him, which some of his fellow inhabitants seem worried about it doing. We’ll see.

Alexander O’Neal continues our trek. Now Alex I’m suspecting will be a great housemate. Yes, we haven’t seen that much of him yet, but I think if he doesn’t leave first, he’ll be one of the stars of this series as I am sensing he’s got a lot to give in the house, I just hope he gets a full chance to show us all he’s got to give.

Now on to one housemate I never thought we’d see in there but I’m super happy she is, Michele Visage is next. From what I’ve seen of the snippets of her on Rupaul’s Drag Race she seems like a hoot of housemate & the proof is that of the classic one-liner of “Well, I can let my gut out now” which will forever be one of the best launch night lines in my personal opinion. I see Michele as being right in the centre of all the house action with her sharp wits & one-liners & I hope I’m right. I think She’ll do quite well on the show.

This next housemate I want to talk about will probably get the least amount of space in this column because when I have nothing nice to say about a person I try to say not much at all. I am of course talking about Perez Hilton. I’ll be honest & say right now until his entrance into CBB there’s not much I’ve liked about the guy but I’m willing to use the next few weeks to learn about the guy & hopefully change my mind. Just to be safe & to avoid turning into the male version of Katie I’ll leave it there.

However, one housemate I’m looking forward to getting to know a lot better is Nadia Sawalha. Now, I know Nadia best from all her appearances on BBBOTS rather than anything else she’s done but if anything I think this makes me more excited to see her in there as it’s clear she’s a huge fan of the show & I’m interested to see how her enthusiasm for it on the outside translates once she’s in.

Following on from Nadia is Alicia Douvall. Now, Alicia is one housemate I can’t quite figure out. I feel from her entrance she’s going to be one of the most riveting to watch. Because I think she’ll be a ticking time bomb in that house. I personally think she’s too fragile. At least that’s how it feels to me after seeing her enter. I really hope I’m wrong.

Next up is Chloe Goodman. I really like what we’ve seen of Chloe so far, she seems quite down to earth, which is refreshing compared to some of her other housemates. I completely disagree with her comment in her VT about being the controversial one of Ex on the Beach, she really wasn’t. But I’m hoping she’ll be a better housemate than she was on her previous show.

Kavana continues our housemate grilling and unfortunately I know next to nothing about the guy, but he seems nice enough. Clearly he’s the classic CBB housemate who lost it all & is trying to relaunch. But I hope during the timespan of the house I’ll actually learn something about the guy & it won’t be all about one hit song.

Patsy Kensit is next up, I quite like the lady to be honest, I’ve seen her in some of her acting roles & I am hoping she’ll be a good housemate. But my concern is will she stack up against her VT which was wonderful & from what we’ve seen on launch I’m not sold on her, I feel like she just fell flat once inside the doors. Here’s hoping she perks up, because if she does she’ll be a cracking housemate.

Following on from Patsy is Calum Best. I really like Calum. He’s obviously been put in there as the house eye candy but I have a feeling there’s much more to this man than just his looks & I can’t wait to dig deeper & find out what makes him tick.

Keith “Cheggers” Chegwin is our penultimate housemate to natter about! I’ll be honest & say I know nothing at all about this man, but he seems well loved by the British public & by all accounts quite fun from what we’ve seen so far. I quite like the man. I’m hoping he’ll help bring the comedy back to CBB after last January was such a fireworks fest.

Finally it’s Ken Morley. I really don’t know what to think about Ken, but I’m afraid to say I think he is this years’ Jim. But sadly, I think he’s far creepier than Jim ever was. I’m not sure what it was but his VT just rubbed me the wrong way. As always with housemates, I hope my view will change but right now he just creeps me out.

Well, that’s it for my first impressions of this years’ CBB crew. Who do you love? Or love to Hate? Leave a comment below & tell us or if you’re more of a twitter user tweet us using the hashtag #Blagbtdr. I’ll see you soon for the rundown of our celebs first few days under BB’s control.

Take Care,

RK xx

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