Renee Graziano comes third in Celebrity Big Brother

 Renee Graziano comes third in Celebrity Big Brother

Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano has finished Celebrity Big Brother 2016 in third place.

“I never even dreamed of making it as long as I did…I was planning on getting kicked out immediately with my mouth!”

How was it: “It was completely crazy, a lot of love too….lot of cooking.  (Cooking) it was my calming place.

On her fellow Americans: “I believe loyalty is everything which is why we made it as far as we did, I couldn’t have made it without AUBREY.”

On her loyalty, “It’s something you have to be born with, it wasn’t there with everybody, the two I relied on were FRANKIE and AUBREY.”

On her relationship with Bear, “It’s on a good note, I don’t think anything’s gonna go wrong tonight…I think it went wrong when he decided to play the Bear game…it is what it is.”

On whether she fancied Bear early on: “I though he had great legs, beautiful eyes but my type is much taller and darker, not Bear.”

On who she wants to win: “I thought Bear would win but when good verses evil….”

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