Kristina is the 3rd person to be evicted!

 Kristina is the 3rd person to be evicted!

Kirstina has become the 3rd evictee after receiving the lowest number of votes from the public.

Speaking to Emma, Kristina revealed that she is happy to have been evicted and that she was ready to leave, adding that it was getting difficult for her.

Talking of her pregnancy, she revealed that she had originally thought she would have to drop out however producers reassured her that it would be fine and that she would be taken care of.

Asked about confrontation in the house, Kristina said it became very aggressive, full on an even vicious. She went on to add that she is a peacemaker at heart. She also added that she hates aggravation and fights and that it felt like there was a row in the bedroom every night.

Kristina said she clicked with John and that she respected him as a very intelligent and outspoken man. She also said that she would not say he is a liar and that he is just a straightforward guy who says it like it is.

Speaking about Gemma, Kristina said: “Let her [Gemma] win. She’ll be the biggest bitch in the world!”…feisty!

Asked who she want to win, she responded with Scotty!

Who will be next to face eviction? Stick with Big Blagger for all the latest!

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