India and Jonny facing eviction

 India and Jonny facing eviction

India and Jonny have been nominated for eviction, and one of them will be leaving the house this Friday, following the first round of nominations which took place live, face-to-face earlier tonight.

Emma Willis, entered the house to oversee proceedings.

One by one, the female housemates took it in turn to name their two nominations and their reasons for these nominations. They each nominated as follows:

  • Amanda Barrie voted for Jonny and India.
  • Ann Widdecombe voted for India and Andrew.
  • Ashley James voted for India and Jonny
  • India Willoughby voted for Ann and Ginuwine.
  • Jess Impiazzi voted for India and Ann.
  • Maggie Oliver voted for India and Jonny.
  • Malika Haqq voted for Ann and Andrew.
  • Rachel Johnson voted for India and Jonny.

Ann was particularly vocal throughout proceedings, even challenging Malika to provide a “valid” reason for nominating her.

It would appear that from tonight’s result, the 2 housemates who received the most nominations are facing the public vote, as was traditionally the rule in the early days of Big Brother. When asked if this would be the rule going forward, a Channel 5 source said:

“It’s Big Brother – anything can happen each week!”

Whilst that doesn’t fill us with confidence, we’re optimistic that this may be a sign of things to come – and hopefully, Big Brother will maintain an actual method for who is facing the public vote, rather than the usual – make it up to suit ourselves approach.

Following the announcement that she would face the public vote alongside Jonny, India did her best to shrug it off, telling Courtney she was like a “pantomime villain” and a self-confessed Twitter troll… jeepers!

Who goes? YOU decide! Stick with Big Blagger for the latest!

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