Gillian McKeith to enter the house

 Gillian McKeith to enter the house

Channel 5 have announced that tonight’s special guest is Gillian McKeith, who will enter the house this evening as part of this weeks shopping task.

Gillian, a holistic food & lifestyle guru, is best known for her stint in itv’s I’m A Celebrity… as well as her healthy living series; You are what you eat.

As part of this weeks task, housemates will have to face the ultimate January detox.

Tonight Gillian will be asked by Big Brother to select the four housemates whom she believes to be the ‘most toxic’.

Gillian will not become a housemate, so therefore is not eligible to nominate or be nominated.

Little more is known as to what else will be involved – so tune in to CBB tonight at 9pm as Gillian enters, and one more housemate leaves!

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