3 housemates nominated in shock twist!

 3 housemates nominated in shock twist!

It was nominations time on tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, and this time, Big Brother had a twist in store!

Ahead of nominations, Big Brother called Sharon to the Diary Room and told her that she would have an important role to play in this round of nominations.

“Big Brother is allowing you to watch all the Housemates nominations from the privacy of your bedroom. You are not permitted to tell the other Housemates about watching nominations or anything about this conversation.” Big Brother says.

Sharon says, “Wow. That’s a biggie. And it’s going to be very interesting.”

One by one each Housemate heads to the Diary Room as they nominate two of their fellow Housemates to face this week’s eviction

Giving his nomination for fellow Housemate Fern, Louis says, “I think the others deserve to be there. Fern is just there. She’s like wallpaper. She’s really nice but it’s not bringing anything. Who can we do without? It’s Fern.”

Later, Big Brother gathers all of the Housemates at the sofas and then reveals the THREE housemates who have received the most nominations and facing eviction were Lauren, Louis and Zeze.

Lauren received eight nominations from Bradley, Colson, David, Fern, Levi, Marisha, Nikita and Zeze. Louis received four nominations from Bradley, Colson, Marisha and Zeze.

However, Celebrity Lodger Sharon was given the power to save one of the nominated housemates from eviction, after watching them all make their nominations earlier that day.

Sharon decided to save Zeze from eviction and chose Fern to face the eviction alongside Lauren and Louis.

Celebrity Big Brother airs Sunday – Friday at 9pm on ITV1, ITVX, STV & STV Player.

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