PICTURES! The new Celebrity Big Brother house

 PICTURES! The new Celebrity Big Brother house

With Celebrity Big Brother now just one day away, Big Blagger takes you on a look through the keyhole of Britain’s most famous residence. 

The interior of the house is a paradise of tropical prints and Hollywood Regency flair. But how long the celebs stay relaxed in this retreat is, as always, up to Big Brother…

The house has had a major shake-up this summer, you’d be forgiven for getting lost!

Kitchen & Dining

Upon entering the house from the now closed-in stairs, you will find yourself in the brand new Kitchen and Dining area. 

The kitchen features a very BBUS style marble dining table, perfect for nominations maybe?  


The new bedroom is accessed from the left of the kitchen. Featuring pink and blue/green tropical prints.

How many beds do you count? 


The bathroom this year is accessed from the bedroom, and again is decorated with tropical wallpaper (Are you sensing a theme here?).

At the top of the bathroom is a pink bath tub and chair – ready and waiting for those intimate moments.

Towards the bottom of the bathroom there is a seating area and pampering station for housemates to get themselves ready to face the day… or eviction.


The exterior is reminiscent of a Palm Springs desert retreat where our celebrities can relax in a garden of cacti, succulents and a brightly coloured mid-century modern design.

The garden is home to a pool and a large hot tub this summer, and also has its very own minibar! Perfect for a garden party.. or two.

Living Area

Located off the garden, the new lounge is a mix of blue, yellow and red sofa’s. 

Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 & 3e tomorrow at 9pm.

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