Hardeep and Jermaine face eviction from the house

 Hardeep and Jermaine face eviction from the house

Diary Room chair.

Following another round of nominations, Hardeep and Jermaine are facing the public vote in tomorrow night’s surprise eviction.

As usual, one by one, the housemates were called to the diary room to give their 2 nominations. They were as follows:

Dan nominated Hardeep & Sally
Gabby nominated Nick & Hardeep
Hardeep nominated Sally & Ryan
Jermaine nominated Nick & Gabby
Kirstie nominated Hardeep & Jermaine
Nick nominated Hardeep & Jermaine
Ryan nominated Hardeep & Jermaine
Sally nominated Hardeep & Jermaine

As a result, Hardeep and Jermaine now face the public vote, having received 6 and 4 nominations respectively.

One of them will be evicted in a surprise live eviction tomorrow night.

It was also revealed at the end of tonight’s show that Emma will be interviewing controversial ex-housemate Roxanne Pallet during tomorrow night’s show.

Roxane left the house in the early hours of Saturday morning, after having made false accusations against fellow housemate, Ryan Thomas.

Who stays? You decide! Stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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