It all kicks off between Austin and James J

 It all kicks off between Austin and James J

Austin and James Jordan go head to head in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother in a MASSIVE fight.

In the kitchen, Austin tells fellow housemate Stacy, “I particularly don’t like you,” and repeats his comment about her closeness to Ray J. Stacy tells him she will stay there as that is “my friendship.” She says she is friendly with Bianca, “I sit on her lap touching her boobs, the only difference you see is that it’s (Ray) a man.”

James J then tries to calm the situation and Austin tells him not to start “cos I will go in on you.” “Bring it on,” James J tells him “all you seem to do is shout at everyone in the f**king house then wonder and cry about why four people nominated you, I’m surprised it wasn’t more.” James J adds: “Throughout the day you’re  a boring c**t, then you have a drink and you’re and even bigger c**t!” then heads into the garden.

Stacy tells Austin that it’s “too bad” he has no “friends” outside of the house.  Austin tells her that he has been talking about things in the house so will “dig deep” if Stacy wants to go there. “Bring it,” yells Stacy and Austin tells her not to be “that girl.” Stacy replies that Austin has been waiting for “this girl to show up, (now) you’ve got her.”

Austin denies saying that he said he didn’t like Stacy and Nicola backs Stacy. Austin explains that he “won’t throw anyone under the bus” but other Housemates feel the same way.

Austin has come to the Diary room saying he is “ready to go home.” He says he misses his boyfriend” and it’s really affected him.” He screams that he wants to go home and cries about what has been shown. “I’m not liking it; I’m not enjoying it!” Austin calms down and tells Big Brother that every morning he has woken up wondering “what the f**k am I doing here?”

Some of the Housemates are in garden. James J has says that if Austin is serious about leaving, can James J break one of the doors for him to leave through. “I’ve always wanted to do it.”. James J tells him that if he really wants to leave the doors are “just there.” Austin asks James J if he could “honestly, just be a bit sympathetic.”

Most of the Housemates are asleep, Austin is still awake in bed with Nicola. She suggests they put bottles of water in James J’s bed and does it. James returns to his bed and removes the water. Austin laughs, “It’s your dancing shoes.” James J tells him: “In two days mate you’ll walk, quitter!” Austin starts: “You f**king bell-end, d**k-head, d**k-cheese, f**king c**t, gutter rat twat.” James J mocks: “Oooh let’s all feel sorry for Austin cos he’s going through a much harder time than us.” Austin says that he is and James J adds: “You miss your boyfriend boo-hoo, you’ll f**king have another boyfriend next year.” “No” Austin replies.  James J tell him it’s about time someone “stood up” to Austin’s “boring, petty, s*ty behaviour, little c*t, trying to come up against me you little p***k. Goodnight mate, love you.” Goodnight,” Austin replies.

These scenes air tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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