Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother

 Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother

LIVE on tonight’s programme, EMMA WILLIS will welcome a celebrity guest to the house for a very special ‘royal’ task.  Also, Janice Dickinson suffers from and allergic reaction to a bee sting and has to receive emergency medical attention. Tensions rise between Jenna and Natasha over a glass of red wine.  Bobby steps down as Prime Minister and welcomes Janice back into the house and Chloe Jasmine isn’t happy that Stevie shared a bath with Jenna and Farrah. 

On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side at 11pm on Channel 5, previous Big Brother housemate, Nikki Grahame will be joining the panel alongside British actor, Johnny Partridge and member of Union J, Jaymi Hensley.

James reflects on some of the highlights of his week in the Big Brother House, “I’ve been in a hot tub with Jenna Jameson and now I’ve been in bed with the Prime Minister,” referring to the Big Brother house Prime Minister, Bobby. 

Janice comes into the living room and apologises to Austin about their argument the night before saying, “Austin, I am terribly sorry for my behaviour, I was completely out of line for being a pantomime babe.. Actually a pantomime Dame”.

Natasha and Gail discuss last night’s events and how tensions are high in the House.

Austin enters the Diary Room and angrily tells Big Brother “I was good for about nine seconds before I walked to the window and saw Miss Dickinson still here.” Austin is still annoyed with Janice and tells Big Brother to “unlock the door so I can spit in her face.” Big Brother instructs Austin to sit down and reminds him of the rules of the Big Brother house.

Chloe Jasmine was not impressed that Stevi shared a bath with Farrah and Jenna. She tells Austin, “I’m just really glad I have the class and decorum not to put myself in that situation for you to worry about.”  Stevi regrets sharing a bath with the girls and Chloe Jasmineconsoles him saying, “relationships are hard…it’s just about finding someone as weird as you.” They kiss in the bath.

Natasha and Sherrie discuss their transatlantic housemates and how the American diet is healthy.

Janice comes to the Diary Room with a medical emergency, “I’ve just got bitten by a bee…and my finger is swollen and it is going up my wrist…” She receives medical assistance.

Once Janice has recovered from the bee sting she tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that “I’m ready to go back and get stuck in the house and try very, very hard to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease.”

Chloe Jasmine and Stevi are in the smoking area discussing winning Big Brother.  Stevi says, “I would love to get there but it is probably highly unlikely”. Chloe Jasmine reassures Stevi, “the main thing is we stay true to ourselves.”

In the bedroom Janice and Jenna are making amends.  They both apologise to each other. Jenna is concerned over Janice’s bee sting and says, “let me know if you need anything.” 

Jenna and Farrah discuss Janice’s apology in the kitchen. Jenna says,“she sounds really like, sincere…she is so endearing when she is nice but when she is not, she is so irritating.”

Scoop quizzes Stevi on bringing out a new single, “I thought you had a single, something you were going to release to the public.” Stevi denies this and Scoop tells Stevi, “Right now you are the Jay Z and Beyoncé of the house.”

Chris comes to the Diary Room to talk about his feelings towards Janice, “she’s very entertaining…she comes out with the most amazing things.”

In the Garden, Austin gossips about Janice to Daniel, “I’d love to see her cry though… I’d just like to know there was some kind of emotion there.”

Bobby’s turn as Prime Minister ends and all Housemates are gathered in the garden to witness his speech. “It’s with a heavy heart that I will no longer carry on my responsibilities as Prime Minister.” Bobby welcomes Janice back into the house after her bee sting and reassures her that the Housemates are 100% behind her.

Daniel lowers the British flag and the housemates all sing the National anthem.

Housemates are called to the kitchen for refreshments. Chris tells Natasha, “don’t let the Americans pour it because they pour enormous glasses and there will be none left.”

Natasha and Jenna have a dispute over a glass of red wine. There is confusion over whether Jenna can drink wine that isn’t Kosher.

Natasha returns to the garden with her wine and tells James and Bobby that “Jenna’s f*cking whinging about it…it’s like a big f*cking thing because we have a glass of wine.” Chris gives Jenna his glass of red wine to diffuse the situation.

Jenna talks to Farrah about her British Counterpart Natasha, “it takes everything for me not to say something back to Natasha.” Farrah warns Jenna, “She tried me, she’ll try you, she’ll try everyone…she’ll be a f*cking bitch like that.”

Later Jenna and Natasha try to sort things out on the sofa. They agree that there was a misunderstanding and Jenna tells Natasha that “it’s wine, I really don’t care.”

Daniel is in the Diary Room talking about game plans, “I didn’t come here to come in second place…I don’t think it’s a coincidence that James and Austin walk around with their shirts off.”

Housemates are in the garden. James tells them that Farrah and Jenna are “mindf*cks” and that Farrah has “got serious f*cking insecure attitude problems.”

Natasha believes that Farrah fancies James, although James says that she has a “f*cking funny way of showing it”.

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