SPOILERS! Day 20 recap, pictures

 SPOILERS! Day 20 recap, pictures
The Housemates are shocked when Scoop and Gail are evicted in the latest double eviction, Chloe Jasmine and Austin continue to argue about her absence during Austin’s brother’s memorial, causing tension amongst the rest  the house. Plus, ‘Jerrah’ perform some erotic acts as part of their Talent Show…

Today is the third eviction day.  Everyone has had a restless night except Janice.  Everyone is discussing her snoring and how it is keeping them awake at night. Stevi – “that was probably the worst night’s sleep I’ve ever had.” Chloe Jasmine responds, “it’s like a navy seal.” 

Austin and Scoop are talking about Chloe Jasmine. They agree that they both believe Stevi is spineless.

Chloe Jasmine and Austin are talking about the night she didn’t join in the memorial Austin held in the house in honour of his late brother.  Chloe Jasmine says, “I’m sorry if I offended you in anyway.” Austin responds, “you are what you are…it is what it is.”  Stevi asks if he’s ok, but Austin tells him, “no.”

The Housemates are having a meeting to discuss Janice’s snoring. Jenna tells Janice, “so all of us together have come to the conclusion that we’re all having a lot of trouble sleeping because of your snoring…we have to come to some kind of agreement…we thought maybe if it happens again, a girl could wake you up…” Janice responds, “I’m so sorry about my snoring…especially sorry about the painful things I said about you…I was out of line…I’m humbling asking you to forgive me.”  She hugs Farrah.  Austin adds his disappointment at having learnt that it was Janice who told Chloe to stay in bed during the memorial he held for his brother when she could have chosen any other time to stay in bed, “I’m quite disappointed in you. There has been alcohol in this house every night in abundance.  On that night you told her to stay in bed for three minutes…”  James adds, “five minutes earlier she wasn’t feeling well because she’d eaten too much, then it was the alcohol.”  Janice responds, “I’m sticking to my truth and my truth is what I’ve learned.”  Chloe Jasmine cries, “I don’t want to talk about this anymore. This is very upsetting.” She leaves the room and as Janice follows, she tells the others, “it’s a disease and I’m her sponsor…I want to protect my sober girlfriend.” 

Stevi is annoyed at how Chloe Jasmine is being treated in the house and tells the others, “I’m like Hulk when I’m on fire,” as he goes to check on his fiancée.  As he comforts her,Chloe Jasmine says, “that was highly unnecessary.”

James is talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room – “I thinkAustin had a point he wanted to get out about the ceremony…but the way he talks to people, it’s not correct…Stevi don’t know what to do with himself.  I feel for him more than I doChloe.”

Stevi is making coffee and tells the others, “I’m cool, I’m absolutely cool.”  I don’t want to get into any arguments…I’m just a chilled f*cking guy…I respected Austin’s night the other night. I totally get what you say but I’ve got to stick up for my girlfriend.  I’m not getting into a spat…I’ve got to defend my other half.”  Austin says he thinks Janice has more power over her than Stevi does

Chloe Jasmine is talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room – “everyone is looking for someone to blame and now it’s become really personal.  Bobby and Scoop discuss Chloe JasmineBobby says, “she made a mistake not coming to the ceremony…she should have gone to him and explained why she couldn’t come…he came in shouting at her…that’s not the way to do it.”  Scoop adds, “ he’s a no nonsense guy…”

James comes to resolve the argument with Austin – “I’m pleased we got a conclusion….you said what you had to say about her alcoholicism but sometimes you have to bite your tongue and f*ck it.”  Austin responds, “but sometimes you don’t.”

For today’s task, Farrah and Jenna have to take part in Celebrity Big Brother’s talent show –  Celebrity Show Offs, Part 2.  Jenna showcases her erotic fiction in front of the housemates.  Everyone enjoys the story as she reads it out to them all.

Farrah gives a sexual health seminar for her talent, using a banana.  Everyone cheers.

Farrah and Jenna then perform a rap, called ‘Jerrah’sRap.’

For the finaleJerrah has a sweet surprise for the Housemates as they squirt chocolate sauce on each other for the ‘Celebrity Big Brother Smackdown’ in a chocolate sauce-filled paddling pool.  Afterwards Jenna says, “we just want to say to tonight’s nominees – you’re all in our hearts. Thanks for making so much difference to our lives.  We love you guys” Everyone cheers and chants, “Jerrah, Jerrah!”

The housemates gather on the sofas for tonight’s double eviction. Jenna says, “if Scoop goes, I’m gonna cry.  We love you scoop.”  Janice and Austin argue about the way they speak to each other. 

Scoop is the third housemate to be evicted. Everyone hugs him and Janice says, “no way no way.”  Chloe Jasmine tells Scoop, “you’ve been kind, lovely, amazing.”  They all tell him, “we love you….and then chant ‘Put Your Hands Up’” as he walks out the house.

Shocked by the eviction result, Farrah says, “that is so devastating to me right now.” She cries and Sherrie hugs her, saying “we never know why.”  Jenna reveals she is also sad because “it’s our fault.  He got nominated because of us.”

Emma Willis announces the second Housemate to be evicted tonight is Gail.  She cheers, jumps up and down, hugs her Housemates and walks out to the sound of her Housemates cheering her name.

Natasha is crying on the sofa.  Janice says, “I thought 100% it was going to be me.” 

Jenna tells Farrah that “Scoop[‘s eviction] feels the weirdest,” and comments that the atmosphere in the house is totally different to the way it was after the two of them left during their fake eviction.

James is sad about the eviction and as he cries, Bobbycomforts him.

Nineteen minutes after the eviction, Chloe Jasmine is crying on Stevi’s shoulder.  Stevi comforts her by saying, “I’m absolutely shocked.  Scoop and Gail?  Hello?  They’re nice, they’re down to earth. How did we do that?”

Stevi joins the others and tells them, “I did not expect that.”  Austin agrees, “I did not expect them to go.”  Trying to make amends, Stevi tells Austin, “I’m cool with you, remember that.”

Later, Jenna tells the other Housemates, “our third musketeer is gone….one of the best ever.”  Bobby makes a toast to the evicted Housemates and Jenna responds by saying, “I wish you guys had celebrated this way when we left.”

Stevi and Chloe Jasmine are in the Diary Room.  Chloe Jasmine asks Big Brother, “what are we doing here?  There must have been a mistake with the voting and we demand a recount.”  Stevi adds, “absolutely shocking…two fantastic big personalities went and we are still here…I noticed that Austinwished everyone luck before the announcement but not us.”

Later, Stevi joins a crying Chloe Jasmine in tower.  He asks, “what’s the matter? Talk to me.”  Chloe Jasmineanswers, “I don’t understand…I don’t know what’s going on anymore.” Stevi responds, “I don’t know if this is real.”

The Housemates are talking about Chloe Jasmine and she overhears.  In the Diary Room, Chloe Jasmine tells Big Brother, “I just overheard a conversation discussing my condition. I don’t need to feel fear every time I walk into a room in case they’re talking about me. I don’t know what to do. It’s really disgraceful childish behaviour.”

Janice and Bobby talk about how sad and surprised they are that Scoop and Gail have gone.

Jenna reflects on her Celebrity Big Brother experience, “there’s so much more than being tough that people don’t see. We bond. We start to really care about one another and as it starts to get tougher it’s nothing to do with being British or American, it’s about being human. Americans are down and Brits are up but they’ve seen us being down…it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. There are only three of us left. Janice hasn’t done anything since the beginning. If anything she’s a handicap for the team.  I hate that she tries to say she’s Team America. No, you’re Switzerland baby.”

Stevi and Chloe Jasmine are in the garden, thanking their public for saving them and decide to fulfil the promise they made to jump in the cold pool fully clothed if they are not evicted.  Chloe Jasmine says, “it’s so cold…we will not let anyone down,” before jumping in.  Stevi follows.  They high-five each other.

Watching from inside, Austin says, “they’re fucking pathetic. In England you say they’re a drip.” Jenna adds, “I hate the fact that they’re here and Scoop isn’t.  I don’t get it. That’s really f*cked up.” They all agree.  Austin comments onChloe Jasmine’s behaviour around Stevi – “will you stop blowing smoke up his ass” and adds how annoying their behaviour was before the eviction when “they were running around saying ‘it’s us…see you on the other side.’”

Jenna reflects on the eviction, “Gail, who I f*cking love and Scoop who’s like family. Really? She’s jumping in the pool minutes after she’s crying. I don’t believe it. I just don’t believe it.”

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