Scoop is 3rd evictee!

Team USA is another man down – as Scoop becomes the 3rd housemate to be evicted!

When Fatman Scoop met Emma Willis and she asked him how it felt to be out:  “For the record I just want to say one thing.  I was put up for eviction and nominated because I refused to slag off my friends.  Where I come from a man doesn’t slag his friends…I don’t talk behind peoples back”.  On Jenna and Farrah, Fatman Scoop joked: “I’m gonna watch about three promos, I’m gonna watch Jenna.”

Emma asked Fatman Scoop about his roles as the Peacekeeper: “I was there to stop the rows.  That’s not exciting television…but Scoop has to look in the mirror…and there are a lot of mirrors in there.  I am by nature am a communicator.  I get to know everyone…and I learn to cater my communication to people….I feel like I was the glue in that house.  It’s gonna get nasty and good television…I look back on this and I’m happy with myself…I didn’t act a fool…as long as I can look my daughter in her face and my son…I live my life like a man and I stand for it.”

On UK vs USA, Fatman Scoop said: “United Kingdom, United States. Both still united”.  Emma asked Fatman Scoop who he’d like to win: “Anyone could win and I would be happy with it.  I’d like to see what happens next.  I think the heat going to turn up.”

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