House conversations get personal…

 House conversations get personal…

Things get personal in the Big Brother house during this evenings show, as the housemates talk about Penis size, while Stevi compares Chloe-Jasmine’s Vagina to the ‘Dartford Tunnel’

James is talking to Jenna about willies. ‘What would you class as small what size?’ Jenna ‘I think small is like 4 inches erm average is 6-8…8 is good but over that is fantastic…it is more about the shape though really.’

Stevi asks Chloe-Jasmine ‘What are you looking at me for?..mines not 4.’ Stevi is not impressed with Chloe-Jasmine looking at him ‘Babe I might have got 4 inches but it’s like going through Dartford Tunnel going through you…I’m joking by the way.’ Chloe-Jasmin ‘That is really disrespectful…I was laughing because of the conversation topic. That was not you being personal that was just rude.’

Everyone gets involved in the penis conversation. Natasha says ‘Men assume it’s all about the penis but it’s not. It’s about being turned on mentally, sexually, touched.’ Stevi says ‘I tell you what, I tried one of those glow in the dark condoms. You should have seen her face light up.’ Chloe-Jasmine laughs.

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