Bear and James fall out

 Bear and James fall out

Following last nights game of truth or dare, Saira talks to James in the kitchen about the incident involving Marnie:

Saira: “I don’t know why I’m so emotional…I’m sick and tired of them saying sorry…

James: “There are certain things that are acceptable in behaviour and certain things that aren’t
o Saira: “that’s fine but it’s not how I live my life but I’m not going to accept it…instead of being sorry why don’t you choose not to create an issue in the first place”

Bear and Heavy D tease James and touch his head in the kitchen as they dance and sing “I’m horny tonight”

James: “You can look but don’t touch”
Bear: “Very touchy”
Lewis: “I think he needs a cuddle”

James throws a packet of ground coffee over Bear and then Bear retaliates and throws sugar and milk over James

James enters the garden and speaks to the other Housemates about what just happened:

James: “The three lads decided that they’d pick on me…They just wanted to wind me up so I poured the ground coffee over Bear because he annoyed me…They would like me to just lose my temper…the game has started”

James talks in the kitchen to the other Housemates:

James: “I have to apologise to Bear…you invaded my space…because I’m older I should have walked away…I look at it as fun and I understand”

Biggins: “I’ve never known more of a trouble maker than James Whale”

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