TONIGHT: Natalie and Laura row over last night’s bust up

 TONIGHT: Natalie and Laura row over last night’s bust up

On tonight’s show: Natalie and Laura row over last night’s bust up, Jayne gets in Natalie’s face, and Charlie gets emotional over Jason.

Last night, Natalie spent the night in Big Brother’s spare bedroom, following an argument. Tonight, on re-entering the house Natalie says “Guess whose back!…I had a very good night’s sleep, thanks!”

Big Brother 2016

Talking to Alex, Natalie says “It’s really hard to come back in here cause who wants to come back into this hostile environment…First of all I would never share somebody else’s spit that I don’t know, I wouldn’t even let somebody drink from my own bottle…Why is she [Laura] making up stories that I have poured her drink into my glass”

Tensions then rise between Natalie and Laura. Natalie: “You made that up, totally.  I don’t even share lipstick, I would never pour your drink into my glass…You took the bottle of wine and you poured it out for you, your sidekick [Evelyn] and Ryan….Cause you’re a bitch, so we’re done.  Bye, bye!  You mean nothing to me I don’t have to talk to you”

Big Brother 2016

“I find that woman just absolutely intolerable…how f&*king rude!…I don’t like nastiness at all” replies Laura.

For today’s task, Big Brother will be showing the Housemates clips of housemates talking behind each other’s back to test if they can control their emotions. Big Brother shows Laura and Evelyn talking about Sam being a game player, and Laura and Evelyn talking about Charlie.  Cue arguments:

Big Brother 2016

Charlie: “If she [Evelyn] truly thought that why didn’t she say it to my face, I appreciate someone has prejudged me which I knew they would, she needs to leave me alone…You’ve known Jason two weeks, you don’t know him on the outside, my heart was pumping outside of my f&*king chest, you don’t know me so don’t pre judge…I have an ex boyfriend that I’m still in love with in here and I have no one to turn to!”

Big Brother 2016

Lateysha talks about Hughie pre-judging her: “I would prefer he came in and told me everything that you said about me to my face…I got it cause I’m proud to be Welsh, it’s not cause I want more dicks in there its cause I think its funny”

Jayne steps in to defend Hughie and Jayne and Natalie argue.  Later on Jayne walks into Natalie’s face:

Jayne: “What did you say?”

Natalie: “Get out of my face…whore”

Jayne: “I’ll annihilate you outside…takes one to know one.

Jayne is then called to the Diary Room to calm down.

Day 16 Jayne and Natalie.

Big Brother 2016 Big Brother 2016

Charlie and Jason are bickering in the bathroom:

Jason: “We are not together Charlie and we are in the Big Brother House”

Charlie: I’m just upset Jason, you wont let me get into bed with you”

Jason: “I’ve told you, we are friends.  I’ve told you time and time again over the past few months, move on.”

Lateysha talking to Hughie in The Pod about her daughter after they argue about him pre-judging her:

Big Brother 2016 Big Brother 2016

Lateysha: “You don’t f*&king understand how hard it is for me to come here and to leave her”

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