TONIGHT: Natalie causes further tension in the house

 TONIGHT: Natalie causes further tension in the house

The housemates nominate for the second time tonight, and the results are revealed to the house and tensions rise between Natalie and the rest of the housemates.

At the dining table, Lateysha asks Jayne about John Terry. Jayne reveals, “This happened when I was in my late 20s / early 30s, I was stupid. He wasn’t playing for Chelsea at that stage. I was a promotions model, he was a really nice guy and handsome. I was single and he said he was single, I asked him to come over. It was one night, very very brief. It all got out.” She continues, “His partner called me, and said she was his fiancée. She was adorable. I said I was so so sorry, he told me he was single.”

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Jackson and Georgina’s relationship continues to grow…

In the bedroom, Jackson finds out that Georgina has a pierced nipple, “It gets better and better! An arse of a god and a nipple piercing!” Lateysha asks him if the pair kissed in bed last night, “No nothing happened, we were good, kind of…I think…”

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Later talking in the in the garden, Georgina explains to Jackson, “Smoking is a no for me. There are a lot of things you have to work on!” Jackson tells Georgina that she is ‘beautiful inside and out’

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Talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room about Jackson, Georgina says  “He really thinks a lot of me and I’m not sure why… He makes me out to be like some goddess! Everyone seems to think we’ve kissed, but we actually haven’t. He won’t show me his pictures that he brought in. 300 women…that’s gross.” She continues, “It’s a clash of cultures, definitely.”

In the bedroom, Georgina asks Jackson to see his photos, he is reluctant, “It’s a lot more than just a photo.” He gives in and explains, “I’ll move beds if you want me to move beds. That’s my son.” Georgina is shocked. Jackson gets upset and heads to the toilet to be alone. Later in bed, Jackson kisses Georgina, the pair share a bed again.

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Natalie continues to cause tension in the house…

Natalie is talking to Big Brother in the diary room, and reveals that she is wary of Lateysha. While in the bedroom, Ryan advises Lateysha to be careful of Natalie as ‘she starts arguments for no reason’.

Talking to Andy, Natalie says that the atmosphere in the other house was dark.

In the bedroom, Natalie is talking to Emma about Jayne, “She does a lot of online dating to meet men. She is not as innocent as you think she is. I’m an open book, she is a dark horse.”

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In the bedroom, some of the housemates are settling down to sleep. Lateysha asks Andy to suggest to the housemates that are still up in the living area, to come to bed.

Andy speaks to the housemates in the living area. Natalie is annoyed, “Why, cos they want to turn the lights off? I don’t understand.” Jason tells her not to ‘shoot the messenger’.

Andy returns to the bedroom and explains, “Some were more sympathetic than others!”

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Most of the housemates head to bed, however Natalie heads to the smoking area alone and proclaims “I’m not f**king going to bed!”

Jason and Charlie’s relationship dominates the house…

Charlie tells some of her housemates that she just ‘fell into lap dancing’, and has never given Jason a lap dance.

In the kitchen, Jason is talking to Alex and Chelsea about Charlie, “Nothing is going to happen in here.”

In the living area, Jason tells Charlie that they should support each other. Charlie agrees and confirms, “I will fight for you! I want you back!” Jason replies, “We are not going in any direction.”

Some of the housemates are in the hot tub, Jason sighs when he see’s Charlie in her swimsuit.

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Some of the housemates ask Jason how he is, as he’s been quiet, he replies, “It’s awkward. I’m feeling awkward so I’m stepping back and she’s carrying on enjoying herself. I’m trying to avoid a situation. She knows how to push my buttons!” Laura and Chelsea believe Charlie has tried hard to get on with the group.

Later in the bedroom, Charlie is upset and tells Jason, “All I care about is you and me.” He tries to comfort her. Charlie then goes on to give Jason a Lap Dance while in the smoking area.

Big Brother 2016 Big Brother 2016 Big Brother 2016

Charlie is upset and tells some of her housemates that she is ‘so in love with Jason’, and wants to be all over him and have him back, “It’s so difficult.”

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