TONIGHT: Jayne and Hughie are on a secret mission!

 TONIGHT: Jayne and Hughie are on a secret mission!

On tonight’s show: Jayne and Hughie are set a secret mission and housemates’ home truths are read out into the house by Big Brother

Jayne comes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother saying: “Everyone’s pulling together, I don’t think one person wants to leave before the end. People are nervous and want to get through. It may be the saddest eviction as we’re so near.”

Big Brother instructs the housemates to deep clean the house.

In the diary room, Laura tells Big Brother that she is ‘feeling happy’; “I’m not worrying, I’m not stressed! If I could get to the final that would be amazing.”

Meanwhile, in the pod, Sam, Evelyn and Hughie are speculating about the upcoming eviction, and mention that they would like Laura in the final and believe the public like Andy

Big Brother is up to no good, calling Jayne and Hughie separately to the diary room where they are given a secret mission to complete, unaware that they will both be on a mission. Big Brother tells the duo that in order to win their secret mission, they must have full-blown meltdowns and absolutely loose it without getting detected. If they pass, the house will be rewarded

Later, in the smoking area, Jayne begins her secret mission and starts to have a meltdown about cleaning and being taken for granted in the house; “I’ve had enough! I’m sick of cleaning!” Some of the housemates look bemused. In the bedroom, Jason and Evelyn try to comfort Jayne

Hughie is next to start his secret mission. Much to the dismay of  the other housemates’, he throws toiletries onto the bathroom floor. Hughie  goes on to shout at Jayne about her going on about cleaning, before proceeding to pour a bottle of soda over the kitchen surfaces.

In the smoking area, the pair reveal to their housemates that they were both performing for a secret mission and that the house will be rewarded as a result.

Later, in the diary room, Andy tells Big Brother that Jayne and Hughie did ‘fool him’; “Hughie’s had blow-outs before and Jayne has had meltdowns before…I wish Hughie hadn’t thrown my toothbrush on the floor!”

Housemates are given ice cream as a reward.

Jackson comes to the diary room; “I feel that my time isn’t up yet and I should be in the final. I don’t want to leave yet, I like it here!”

Earlier, Big Brother gave housemates the opportunity to anonymously write down some home truths about their fellow housemates. Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas to reveal the results of the Home Truths task, where they can either repent for or justify their actions.

Big Brother reads out the home truths and housemates speculate who wrote them. Sam isn’t happy that Laura feels he’s not loyal

Laura is talking to Big Brother in the diary room; “I’m pretty sure that I will go and that Sam will be in the final and he will be fine! I’ve been very understanding to what he’s done to me.”

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Sam reveals to Evelyn that Laura’s comment has got to him; “I’m a loyal person! She was already up for eviction, fair enough I could have saved her, but I was put in a position.”

Some of the housemates are in the smoking area. Laura tells Alex and Evelyn; “We want you to be together, you’re both beautiful!”

Later in the diary room, Jason confirms to Big Brother that he doesn’t want to leave, as the final is so close; “I won’t give up!”

Tonight, 8 will become 7 – but who goes? You decide!

Tune into Big Brother on Channel 5 & TV3 at 9pm to see who’s given the boot!

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