TONIGHT: The housemates nominate and Emma confronts Georgina

 TONIGHT: The housemates nominate and Emma confronts Georgina

Tonight, the housemates must nominate. Ryan and Hughie continue their romance and Georgina and Emma argue over Jackson.

Big Brother has turned off the hot water until further notice as Chelsea, Hughie and Lateysha discussed nominations.

Ryan confides in Charlie in The Pod about Hughie: Ryan: “My head’s blagged…My mum’s heart is gonna come out of her chest”

Andy speaks to Lateysha in the Bedroom: Andy: “I’m not saying this just because it’s nominations but I just wanted to say I do like you. I just wanted you to know that.” Andy walks away and the Housemates talk about what he has just said: Lateysha: “He’s so clever, so f*&king clever! Seriously?!” Georgina: “I’m not buying it” Lateysha: “I’m not dumb” Jackson: “He’s shitting it isn’t he”

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The Housemates nominate and the result will be revealed during tonight show. Here are some of the reasons for some of the Housemates nominations:

Jason: “My second nomination is Lateysha…absolutely nothing to do with her saying that I’m a game player”

Latesyha: “Andy…I feel like he’s sly, manipulative…and I feel like he tried to turn everyone against me”

Emma: “Georgina…since they have got together I feel like Jackson doesn’t speak to me at all. I would rather she wasn’t in the House”

Georgina: “Jayne, she swerved nominations last time…she was a demon…I’m waiting of the next eruption”

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Sam: “Andy…I think he’s shit-stirrer…I can see right through him”

Ryan speaks to Hughie in The Pod to clear up their relationship: Ryan: “I don’t think we should speak anymore…I think we should just distance ourselves…I don’t think we should sleep in the same bed… if you flirt with anyone I’m gonna go mad” Hughie: “Are we kind of friends with benefits?” Ryan: “No. Boyfriends…we’re going out with each other” Hughie: “I’m going to let you think that.”

Laura is talking to Sam in the Bedroom: Laura: “I know I’m going you sound like a twat, but when it comes to acting and stuff…I’ve literally gone from being an established actress to a reality porn star.”

Jason and Charlie are on the sofas: Charlie: “I’m at a point now where I want to settle down…if I did move on with someone it would be for the long haul. I’m ready to settle…I want to be a mum”

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Housemates are playing around in the garden, Hughie then strips and Ryan goes off to the bedroom: Ryan: I’m livid. He’s just got his willy out to the whole group…get in here now…Go and get your dick out to everyone”

Big Brother 2016 Big Brother 2016

Georgina confronts Emma after she tells Jackson that she doesn’t approve how Georgina treats him: Georgina: “I don’t appreciate you sitting and telling my boyfriend that I’m negative and that I have a negative energy and that you don’t like the way that I treat him. That’s note of your business.” Emma: “Its how you make me feel…you give me really weird negative responses” Georgina: “I make a point of not really encountering you too much as we don’t see eye to eye…we are completely different people” Emma: “I strongly feel that you project towards me a negative energy…I just don’t like it when you just bitch about people…I met Jackson when you met Jackson and he was my friend and now he doesn’t talk about me”. Georgina: “You’re being paranoid…I don’t think you should have spoken to him about me…our relationship is nothing to do with you”.

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