TONIGHT: Big Brother sets Ryan a secret mission

 TONIGHT: Big Brother sets Ryan a secret mission

Coming up on tonight’s show: Ryan is on a secret mission to get the HM’s to quit the task, Georgina and Emma get on each other’s nerves and the Housemates play a game of truth or dare.

Warning: The gallery featured in this article includes explicit images!

Tonight sees Andrew tell Ryan about their secret task to target Laura. Natalie and Jackson joke about Andrew being a spy.

In the living area, Andy revealed that someone has been taking his cigarettes without asking.  Georgina asked the housemates to respect the house by putting back the sofa cushions after playing twister.

Also tonight, we see the Others playing charades, Alex acted out the film The Naked Gun, much to the delight of The other females.

Later, Emma came to the diary room to talk to Big Brother; “Now Victoria has left, the atmosphere is less vibrant. Me and Marco will now need to make sure that our craziness is not taken away. Georgina seems to be a bit moany.”

In the bedroom, Marco and Emma drew whiskers on their face with makeup, and commented on Georgina’s mood. Marco talked about how he wanted to have fun and get everyone else on their side.

Meanwhile, Georgina revealed in the diary room; “I’m loosing my rag with Marco. I can’t deal with how controlling he is. It’s like a 6 year old in a 21 year olds body! It’s draining.”

Big Brother set the housemate their first proper task which was all about endurance and sabotage.  Housemates were called to the garden and tasked with becoming scarecrows whilst withstanding a barrage of disgusting punishments. What the housemates didn’t know was that it was  The Others deciding who got punished as they watched on from their living area. Big Brother stated that if over half of the housemates quit the task early, The Others would win the prize of a party. If six or more housemates withstood the ordeal, then the main house would win.

Ryan visited The Other house to discuss tactics, and said that he would try and get the housemates to quit the task so they failed.

As the task began, housemates were subjected to various disgusting punishments – including dog food and a mud pie – which were poured over the housemates’ heads. Ryan did not try to get the housemates to fail, so therefore The Others decided to punish Ryan by selecting him to receive a number of the punishments, including treacle and flour poured over his head.

Only two housemates failed to complete the task – Ryan and Emma – therefore main house won the task, and were rewarded with a party.

In The Other garden, Charlie was upset; “My ex boyfriend is in there relishing in it, loving it! I’ve been in the same clothes since Tuesday, I can’t even cope!” But she wasn’t upset for long as Alex cheered her up by giving her a lap dance.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Emma helped Ryan to wash his hair after the task·      

Hughie and Jackson discussed how Ryan failed to get the housemates to quit the task. Hughie believes ‘Ryan deliberately did it’.

Chelsea and Lateysha  were chatting in the bedroom about how he would like to take her on a fabulous night out –  with Chelsea clearly out to impress stating; “I’ve got bodyguards!”

Speaking in the diary room, Laura told Big brother that she was ‘under attack in the task’ and feels that she is  ‘clearly not liked’.

Meanwhile, Georgina and Lateysha were chatting  about Georgina’s friends who own clubs when Emma interrupted and asked her not to ‘b*tch about people as it’s depressing.’ Emma said; “Can’t you talk about something nice and cheerful? Always b*tching!” Georgina responded telling her to get over it; “I have to tolerate some of the stuff you say.”

As promised, housemates were thrown a party with music as a reward for winning the task. 

Charlie told Big Brother in The Other diary room, that she’s annoyed that she isn’t in the main house and that her ex is; “I’m getting bored and I want to be over there.”

Later in the diary room, Ryan revealed he feels bad that The Others didn’t win a party. Big Brother let him visit The Other house to update The Others.

Once there, Ryan apologised to The Others who respond that he didn’t even try. He said that it was ‘really hard’, “I feel like I’m a third wheel in the house and would rather be here with yous.”

Some of the housemates are gathered in the smoking area when Laura declared that her and Marco are just friends; “I just like kissing!”

Safely back in the diary room, Ryan told Big Brother that he’s sick of playing games and that he and Andrew are not close, so may not pass their task, “I hate lying to people! I’m stressing out!”

Meanwhile in The Other house, Jayne said that there’s a lot going on with her and Chelsea, “I’m not dissing Chelsea. He’s kept very quiet, as there’s a reason, he doesn’t want his Mrs to know he’s a tw@t!”

Andrew came to the diary room; “I’ve observed the characters who are most likely to challenge Marco’s dominance. Marco is a dominant character. Nothing is difficult for me. I believe I can complete the tasks with knowledge.” He continued, “Ryan is not loyal to the cause, he’s loyal to himself. He is of no use to me or The Others. I’m the one who is capable.”

Speaking to Alex, Charlie confirmed that she would like to rekindle things with Jason. Alex believes that could happen. “All I want is him.”

Out in the garden, Sam, Marco, Andrew, Evelyn and Laura played truth or dare in the hot tub. Andrew was dared is to kiss Laura; which he did.

During the game, Sam admitted that he’d had an eight-some. Marco dared Laura to take her top off and kiss Evelyn.

Jackson told Big Brother that he would screw over The Others if it meant that him and Alex could go back into the house; “It’s where my Mrs is!”

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