SPOILER: First Big Twist of the Series Revealed…

 SPOILER: First Big Twist of the Series Revealed…

The latest twist of Big Brother 2016 has been revealed today.

Earlier tonight on Bit on the Side, Rylan revealed that FOUR more housemates from the main house will be joining Lateysha and Laura in facing the first eviction this week.

The Others will nominate two of the main housemates, and in turn these two nominated housemates will nominate two more of their fellow housemates from the main house

However, all is not as it seems. There will NOT be a public vote for the first eviction this Friday.

Instead, The OTHERS will be the ones deciding who is evicted.

It has also been confirmed that TWO people will be evicted this Friday, however what none of the housemates or the Others know is that the two housemates evicted will actually move into the Other House and live with the current Others, meaning 10 housemates will remain in the main house, whilst the remaining 2 will join the 6 others to form a group of 8 and will live in the Other House.

Watch this crazy twist unfold on Friday night, 9pm on Channel 5!

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