The Others are set their next secret mission

 The Others are set their next secret mission

With nominations day coming closer, ‘The Others’ have been given another task, in their bid to gain housemate status.

Friday’s live show saw Andrew and Ryan voted into the main house by the public, whilst Jackson and Alex were ‘evicted’ by ‘The Others’. However, in a twist, Big Brother decided to move the pair in with the very people who chose to cut their experience short.

Once Andrew and Ryan entered the house they wasted no time in causing conflict and paranoia amongst the rest of the housemates. Upon entering, they were told that they would have to win the rights to become a fully fledged housemate and in doing so act like brand new ones who have been in hiding all this time.

With ‘The Other’ housemates being largely in the dark about Andrew and Ryan’s mission, they have finally been told what is to be expected of them. Andrew briefly returned to his former house and gathered everyone around the sitting area, before explaining that Big Brothers wants ‘The Others’ to decide who they want to face next week’s eviction, with himself and Ryan aiming to influence the group in nominating this person.

To see the latest secret mission unfold, tune in to Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.

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