Natalie gets a warning from Big Brother

 Natalie gets a warning from Big Brother

Housemate Natalie Rowe rubs her housemates up the wrong way during tonight’s Big Brother, which results in her getting a telling off from Big Brother and spending a night in the spare room.

Jayne has implemented a new cleaning rota for the house, to which Chelsea comments “What she’s trying to do is a great way to start an argument. She’s off her rocker!” Natalie replies; “All her true colours will start come out, she seems to have decided she wants to run the house.” Sam states he will ‘not be told what to do’

For this week’s shopping task, Big Brother will be playing mind games with the housemates. Lateysha, Andy and Chelsea are appointed as the brainpower housemates, and they must decide the outcome of five tasks designed to test their fellow housemates. As part of the task, Lateysha, Andy and Chelsea are asked to rate their housemates in a series of questions.

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Housemates must work together and decide who should stand behind the most and the least podiums in the garden.

The final question is the least and the most sexiest housemate. Alex stands behind the sexiest podium and Hughie stands behind the least sexy housemate podium. Housemates get this wrong, as the brainpower housemates picked Natalie as the least sexy housemate; Natalie shakes her head; “They are so mean!”

As housemates only got two out of five questions correct, they have failed this part of this week’s shopping task.

Annoyed that the brainpower housemates picked her as the least sexy, Natalie proclaims “I catch fit guys! Why am I the least sexy? I had a feeling they were going to do that. I don’t mind arrogant cos I am!”

The housemates are gathered on the sofas for the next part of this week’s shopping task. Natalie and Hughie are selected to work together through Big Brother’s emotional assault course. Hughie is blindfolded and Natalie must give him directions and guide him around the course. Housemates watch on form the sofas.

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Housemates comment on how ‘useless’ Natalie is at giving instructions, to which Natalie replies that she ‘tried her best’, some of the housemates tell Hughie he did well.

In the bedroom, Natalie is talking to Emma about how she feels ‘judged’ and that she did her best.

Andy is in the diary room talking about the task; “Natalie should have said I was sh*t at that and I am really sorry. It was a difficult task. You would imagine that a dominatrix would be better at telling a man what to do!”

Later in the kitchen, Ryan is pouring wine for some of the housemates – Natalie then takes the bottle from his hands and starts pouring herself, Lateysha and Emma a glass of wine. Some housemates are not happy.

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Laura tells Natalie that she was going to pour everyone a drink and was sharing the bottle of wine; Natalie is annoyed and knocks Laura’s hand away. Ryan yells; “Horror! An absolute horror!”. Tensions in the house reach new highs as the housemates are annoyed with Natalie.

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Big Brother intervenes and calls Natalie to the diary room. She states; “They clearly don’t like me! I’ve been trying my best. It’s like I’m their target.” Big Brother explains to Natalie that her behaviour was unacceptable and must not be repeated. Natalie spends the night in Big Brother’s spare bedroom.

Big Brother 2016 Big Brother 2016

In the bedroom, Sam is talking to Alex, Lateysha, Jackson and Georgina; “I know what Natalie did was wrong but I did feel that people went crazy at her. I thought Ryan was going to swing for her! He was far too in her face, I felt a bit sorry for her. What she did was wrong. She had no choice but to move Laura’s hand out her way, it was her first reaction. She’s not a bad person.”

Hughie is talking to Jayne and Charlie about what happened with Natalie; “It’s nice to know that karma is a b*tch!”

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In the kitchen, Laura and Evelyn are discussing the evening’s events. They both agree they like Natalie but thought what she did was wrong. The also both believe that Sam is game playing

Natalie receives a formal warning from Big Brother for unacceptable behavior.

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