Which of these Channel 5 Big Brother trailer’s is your favourite?

Yes, it’ll soon be back! Big Brother will be returning to Channel 5 for it’s seventeenth series in June.

Since Big Brother started, the promos have been a big part of the thrilling build-up to the show, whether it’s just a one-second eye flash or a first glimpse at the house – and it won’t be too long until that starts all over again!

Big Blagger couldn’t help but think back to trailers gone by – so without further ado, take a look back at the most recent ads from the Channel 5 era (and don’t forget to vote for your favourite in our poll!).

Big Brother 12 (2011)

Big Brother 13 (2012)

Big Brother 14 (2013) – Secrets and Lies

Big Brother 15 (2014) – Power Trip

Big Brother 16 (2015) – Timebomb

Big Brother returns to Channel 5 late June.

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